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Designing with LibreOffice is available in PDF, ODT, and printed forms.

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These files are free to download. If you find them useful, you may wish to leave a tip for the author and editor. This is an approximately 500-page book. Opening the file may take a moment because of the length and number of illustrations.

Full book (PDF) – 21MB

Individual ODT chapter files (zipped) – 45MB

Note: The ODT files also require you to download and install two fonts on your computer so that the book displays properly in LibreOffice: Fanwood and Raleway.

Extract 1: Styles and Templates

Download Styles and Templates (PDF) – 16MB

Download Styles and Templates (ODT) – 11.4MB

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Extract 2: Choosing Fonts

Download Choosing Fonts (PDF) – 8.2MB

Download Choosing Fonts (ODT) – 7.1MB

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