“Byfield’s thoughtful book on design using LibreOffice can help improve the quality of both online and print material you create with LibreOffice. “Designing with LibreOffice” solidifies his position as one of the world’s top writers about FOSS.” – Robin, “roblimo” Miller, Editor in Chief, Slashdot and

“An outstanding contribution to help people bring the full power of LibreOffice into their documents. Bruce synthesises his deep experience of both LibreOffice, writing, and typography into a significant text to help users and designers use the software most effectively. The descriptions of the core document concepts will continue to be extremely valuable to users, even as the LibreOffice interface improves to make designing good documents Bruce’s way even easier.” – Michael Meeks, Director of The Document Foundation, creators of LibreOffice.

“Bruce Byfield is a man who practices what he preaches. A fierce advocate of free and open source software (FOSS), Bruce has made it his mission to share his love and knowledge of free software in a way that helps his readers make the most of what FOSS can offer. Nowhere is this more obvious than in “Designing With LibreOffice”. The book is well laid out, easy to understand, and, as the title would suggest, very well designed. With this book in your hands, Bruce’s helpful, guiding voice, and plenty of easy to follow tables and images, you will learn to love and appreciate what LibreOffice can do for you. Learn from a master and you too, will master LibreOffice.” – Marcel Gagné, Writer of The Linux Journal‘s popular “Cooking with Linux” column

“LibreOffice is the publishing world’s best-kept secret. It is called an office suite, with word processor, spreadsheet, and slideshow modules, but it’s really an advanced desktop publishing system. It is used by commercial publishers to create source documents, and to convert from source documents created with other tools, such as LaTex, to the final print-ready format.

The secret to getting the most out of LibreOffice, the powerful open source office suite and desktop publisher, is understanding styles and templates. Author Bruce Byfield is our reliable guide to mastering its rich feature set and understanding how to design an efficient, powerful workflow. LibreOffice styles apply simple to complex formatting to documents, and allow rapid global changes. Templates store all the information for replicating a particular document design.  When you work with styles and templates, your time is invested in writing your content rather than fighting with its appearance.

“Designing With LibreOffice” teaches everything you need to know about document production: chapters, footnotes, citations, indexes, outlines, cross-references, incorporating images and spreadsheets, and controlling the appearance of your documents. It is well-organized and contains abundant examples, and suitable for beginners to wizened old pros, who will probably discover things about LibreOffice that they didn’t know.  – Carla Schroder, Author of The Linux Cookbook, The Linux Network Cookbook, and The Book of Audacity.

” “What an incredibly thorough, useful book!” – Lee Schlesinger, Ex-editor at, Managing Editor at Spicework.